Best Mattresses For Overweight / Obese Men

Most overweight and obese men have greater difficulties sleeping than your average person. The reality is we all need adequate amounts of sleep in order to be able to function effectively during our waking hours. It seems that with each passing year our lives become more and more complicated, and more stressful. We multitask everything we do, from our responsibilities at work, extending to our personal lives and everything we do. And, it’s our sleep that seems to have become an “allowable” causality from all our stress. That in and of itself, can make getting a good nights sleep a challenge, now add on all the additional challenge that obesity imposes on our lives, and our bodies can become rundown and succumb to a multitude of illnesses. Even our immune system can become compromised, by something so simple as inadequate levels of sleep.


What if your mattress caused your sleep problems, and could be quickly resolved with the right mattress? In the U.S. roughly 1 in 3 men are considered obese and overweight, and in Canada 1 in 4 men are considered obese. The numbers are staggering. If we could find the best mattresses for overweight and obese men, we would be much further ahead in our battle for sleep. What if something so simple as the right mattress could change our lives as overweight/obese men? Is it possible?

According to “USATODAY” people who are sleep deprived eat on average 300 more calories a day than those who received adequate amounts of sleep. It would seem that getting more sleep, will in and by itself, can lead to weight loss. And, it’s not just one study, but there “study after study” make a similar connections between those who are deprived of adequate amounts of sleep, and obesity. So why not make one simple change in your life, and get adequate amounts of sleep, and lose weight at the same time?

Benefits of Sleeping on the Right Mattress:

More sleep
Increased energy
Weight loss
Increased motivation
Enjoy life more
Nor more “nodding off while driving”
Finishing projects
Look better
Feel better
Live longer

So what are we to do? One way to combat this is to be able to provide ourselves with sufficient amounts of sleep. Getting the right amount of sleep not only allows us to better face the day’s difficulties and challenges, but also allows us to move forward with our lives, and do the things we frequently are unable to accomplish, simply because we are too tired, due to inadequate levels sleep. In a word, it all starts with a “good nights sleep.”

The fortunate thing about sleep problems, is that it is an obstacle we can do something about. And with the right amount of sleep, everything else in life just seems easier, everything seems to fall into place. And, studies have also shown, that those who get adequate amounts of sleep, live longer and healthier lives.

These are just a few of the common illnesses associated with a chronic lack of proper sleep:

High blood pressure
Type II diabetes
Heart disease

Brief Mattress/Bed History

In the “old days” mattresses were terrible and frequently contained vermin and other pests living inside of them, even mattresses owned by royalty were no better. Most consider the modern mattress to have been developed in the late 1700′s. They were essentially a cotton filled mattress on a metal or cast iron bed. Then in 1865 the very first “coil spring” bed was patented. It wasn’t until 1930′s that mattresses contain a true “inner-spring” system was developed. Since then, there have been a number of innovations and variations introduced to consumers. Some good, some not so good, and most somewhere in between. Today, there are beds and mattresses of all types, including “memory” foam mattresses, to latex mattresses, advanced inner-spring systems, toppers and pillow-tops, water beds and almost every and any variation you can imagine.

So What mattress Works Best for Overweight and Obese Men? (Talk to Friends First)

Friends and relatives give great advice. Also consider speaking to coworkers and those you know around town, or where you live. The best advice is always from someone who has the same problem you do. So don’t hesitate to ask. Great advice can be gleaned from strangers as well. It doesn’t hurt to ask those who you do not know as well, but have an inclination to believe they may have a similar problem. The worst that can happen is that someone tells you they are not interested in talking about it. On a positive note, you could make a new friend. You may even find that it allows you to strike up a conversation with someone who you may not know, but were itching to meet! (Let’s look at some other types of mattresses.)

Inner-coil Mattresses

Inner-coil mattresses come in a variety of sizes shapes and coil configurations and arrangements, as well as construction and density of coils composites. They can be a good choice. You’ll want to carefully consider the specific mattress and the information and warranty that comes with the bed and mattress. Here’s the concern with inner-coil systems, they can in fact feel comfortable, but if you are very obese, their coil system will likely become compromised over time. The inherent nature of their design simply is not made to last long term under considerable amounts of weight. So, if you don’t mind spending for a new mattress every couple of years, they might be for you, however, if you don’t want to buy a new mattress on a regular basis, a different type of mattresses and bed system are suggested.

Warranty Coverage

The reality of being obese is that your bed or mattress may not last as long as the manufacturer’s warranty says it will. Mattress companies and manufacturers, have to stay in business like everyone else. One of the biggest marketing “subtleties mis-truth’s” every told, is that the mattress “Lasts a Lifetime.” Com’on! Do you really know of anything other than dirt that lasts a lifetime? Are you really thinking of owning one mattress for the rest of your life? It’s called “advertising and marketing” Take such “promises” with a grain of salt.

Mattresses warranties come with restrictions and guideline for their use, and conditions under which they may, or may not, be replaced under warranty. Pay careful attention to this warranty information! Many an obese person failed to obtain a replacement bed under “warranty” because they failed to heed warranty directives. Read the “small print.” Some warranties specifically indicate in their verbiage that coverage does not extend to those who are obese. And, on the other side of “lifetime,” most companies don’t stay in business for a “lifetime,” so take Be wary of warranties. However, a word of note, there are manufacturers who do stand behind their bed and mattress warranty’s. Conduct your own due diligence.

Does “Expensive” always translate to a Good Mattress or Bed?

NO. The materials, manufacturing process and market demand dictate whether a mattress is expensive, not whether a mattress possesses an inherent ability to allow you to sleep soundly. A manufacturer may use expensive components in the production of their mattresses/beds, and even pay their sales people high commissions to sell their mattresses/beds. However, those factors do not necessarily add up to a “great nights sleep.” The comfort and support and viability of a mattress and bed, are a culmination of a variety of factor that can only be deemed “comfortable” by the one who ultimately sleeps on it. Can an expensive bed be very comfortable and therefore worth the money? YES. An expensive mattress can be constructed and manufactured and put together with quality materials, and yes they can be very comfortable. However, a word to the wise, cost does not always correlate to comfort, in other words, it is not a “mutually exclusive postulate.” Always use your own experience and sense of comfort, try out the bed, many times if possible, before spending a great amount of money on a bed. If you only base your decision on cost, you are apt to make a mistake. An obese person’s body has a entire different set of needs than your person of average weight.

Mattresses/Beds to Avoid

Water-beds although were very popular 30 years ago, provide virtually no support and the risk of leakage is very real. If you look at the weight of the water within the mattress, compounded by someone who is obese, or two obese individuals, you are easily looking at 1/2 ton or more in weight. Most apartments floors and many houses are simply not designed to support larger amounts of weight, in smaller spaces or confined area. And, if the mattress leaks, which often happens in water beds, leaks have a propensity of growing rapidly and without warning. If you live in a second floor apartment and this occurs, you will not only damage the floor and the roof of those below, but are likely to find your self looking for alternative living quarters, as you may be kicked out. Water beds were a fade, and should not be considered for those who are above average in weight. These beds come with considerable risks. Spring mattresses are older technology. If a person is extremely obese, they usually discover that mattresses containing “traditional springs” generally begins to sag within six months to a year, and can becomes “un-sleep-able” shortly thereafter.

Will a Topper Help?

Toppers can help. Toppers that are very thick can provide some comfort, especially for those who are mildly obese, or within a mid-range of obesity. However, it helps to understand the amount they help is “relative” and if you are very obese, a topper will only suffice to a certain degree, and may not provide much if any comfort at all for those who are extremely obese. There are some toppers that are considered “extra duty” or contain similar wording indicating a topper geared toward those that are very heavy or obese. Remember, a topper is a topper, and cannot supplant the true nature of a mattress or box-spring bed. Topper’s generally perform better under lighter human weight. So, save your money and if you are on the heavier side of obese, a topper will simply be money poured down the drain.


One of the best materials to compose a mattress of that many obese men have found to be very helpful and long lasting, are mattresses made of latex, or latex foam rubber. What makes it different than many products, are the levels of “density” it can achieve. The density of a product can make all the difference in the world. The problem with most mattresses is that the constituent components and materials used simply to not lend themselves to higher density levels, and when they do, they are no longer comfortable. This is where latex can make a huge difference. The great thing about latex is that it comes in a wide variety of densities, therefore different levels of firmness.

Dunlop latex provides the greatest level of firmness and works best for those who sleep on their backs. While talalay latex also comes in different densities, but is considered a lighter fiber or substrate and works better for those who sleep on their sides. A big advantage that you will also find on latex beds that you would be hard pressed to find on other beds, if that the density levels can be different from one side of the bed to the other. This is perfect for someone who shares a bed and the other individual is lighter in weight. Many obese men swear by latex mattresses.

Adjustable Beds?Mattresses

In recent years the number of adjustable beds owned by obese/overweight men has grown considerably. Adjustable beds have advantages that static beds simply can’t match, such as changing shape to match the contours of your body. These beds are made incorporating motorized designs and pliable bedding and mattresses. Although these can be very beneficial to obese men, they often times are “not” made from materials that specifically take heavier weight into consideration. These beds can in fact provide a comfortable experience by virtue of adjusting to ones shape, however, to reach true levels of comfort most obese men need a comfortable mattress as well.

Most manufacturers that make these types of beds, simply don’t incorporate high density mattresses into their product. If you are able to supplant the mattress of your choice, or select a higher density mattress, then these beds can provide adequate levels of comfort. The motors that are used to raise and adjust the beds are sturdy but may not be able to handle the load placed on them by a very obese man. So, if you are considering such a bed, look very carefully at the manufacturer’s warranty for the mechanism that controls the adjustment. Call the manufacturer if you can. Find out about what you as an obese man can expect from long term usage. The cost of replacing a motor may be quite expensive. Query the manufacturer to see under what conditions the motor is subject to perform and under what loads. Knowing the answers to these questions can make all the difference in the world to you, so know your warranty.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are very comfortable as deemed by most, but do have draw backs as well. Most memory foam mattresses are made out of different materials including: visco elastic, polyurethane, latex, rubber compounds, or they can be a combination of these different materials. As in the paragraph relating to “latex” mattresses or beds, memory foam and latex can “overlap” in “category.” Memory foam is said to be some of the most comfortable mattress product in the world. You would need to be the judge for yourself. Memory foam comes in different classifications and different density levels, depending upon the manufacturer. Memory foam can provide the relief you need, but you would need to determine what compounds it is made from. Don’t listen to a salesman that tells you one bed works for everyone, because that is simply not inaccurate, even for memory foam. With memory foam, density is the key.

Bed/Mattress with a “Trial?”

Many manufacturers offer a free trial to try their bed and see if you like the product in your own home. What could be nicer than giving the bed/mattress a “test drive.” If you do decide to give a bed a test run, make sure you completely understand the trial offer. Once the bed’s mattress is “used” it can no linger be sold as “new” and almost certainly will be disposed of if not sold, and is therefore a “loss,” which is why these trials often times come with a hard “push.” Or, their terms may indicate that if the bed is not accepted an alternative bed must be attempted, further making you feel “obligated.” The manufacturer is under pressure to have you “accept” the product, or they take a loss. In some cases there is the equivalent of a restocking fee, or shipping charges apply whether you purchase the bed of not. Read over the “terms” of the offer very carefully.

In Summary

Do your due diligence and research. A mattress is something that has to last you for many years. Most men as well as those obese/overweight, simply can’t afford to buy a bed very often because of the expense associated such purchases.

Look at a mattress as an investment. It’s true! You are investing in your sleep, your ability to sleep, and in how that sleep allows you to feel during waking hours. It truly is an investment in yourself. Take “bed” shopping seriously, and make sure you read and understand what you are looking at, before you buy. Can it cost you a lot of money? It can, but with the right research you can find a best that can last for years. Remember, as obese men we have to pay close attention to the manufacturer’s warranty. Pay close attention to the wording contained within the warranty. If necessary, do some additional research about the manufacturer, and what the mattress/bed is made from. Check to see what problems people have had with the mattress, and especially feedback from those who are obese.

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